We recognize there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter event. This is why at Digitell, we have developed A Solution for Every Event Strategy. Our experienced hybrid and virtual event team will work with you to produce your event and seamlessly connect your global audience to our engaging customizable platform. User-friendly and scalable, our platform creates an unparalleled experience for your audience every time.

The Digitell Difference

We’ve heard mixed results from event professionals around virtual and hybrid events over the past year and a half. At Digitell we’ve been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from organizers, attendees, speakers and exhibitors. We believe this positive feedback is a direct result of clients working with our experienced project management and production team committed to flawless execution, an easy-to-use and engaging platform for attendees and a dynamic, robust Event Management System to market and maintain an organization’s educational content. All three of these components combined are what we consider the Digitell difference.


Connect with your global audience and maximize engagement with a virtual event produced by our highly trained team of producers and directors. Enable your members or audience to network, engage, listen to speakers and access resources from our on-demand library.


We’ve successfully streamed hybrid events over the past 11 years. Our fully integrated solution includes registration, e-commerce, event production and tech support to ensure your hybrid event streams smoothly. We can broadcast your live general session, selected tracks or your entire meeting into an engaging web-based environment.

Digitell has a Solution for Every Event Strategy

Our fully managed webinar services provide you an easy, low maintenance mechanism to communicate and educate your online community. Our platform allows for an ongoing, year-long relationship building with members. Whether you’re experienced in providing webinars to your community or are new to the concept, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Content Capture

Today’s conferences are packed with information vital to the attendees job. With multiple concurrent at many conferences, most attendees only experience 10-25% of the education, leaving the conference missing more education than they took in. In addition, after 3 or 4 days of non-stop education, attendees’ brains begin to shut down and they stop learning half way through. It is important to provide your attendees with the conference recordings, so they can get the full educational value of the conference. 

OPUS DX Platform

We us our own proprietary OPUS DX platform to design, build and deliver thousands of virtual and hybrid events, webinars and on-demand educational sessions. OPUS DX is a robust, customizable platform designed to meet the needs of association, corporate, government and for-profit event organizers. Learn more.

OPUS-DX virtual event platform
Virtual Event Case Study

NASP 2021 Virtual Convention Earns Rave Reviews
from a Record-Setting Audience

Attendees raved about this first virtual event experience, with many commenting that it had been the best virtual event they’ve ever attended. Key achievements and event elements that contributed to the NASP success story:

  • Bigger Audience
  • Strong Revenue Model
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Excellent Blend of Live & Pre-recorded Content
  • Extra-mile Support for Presenters
  • Extra-mile Support for Posters
  • Automated Process for Awarding CE Credits
NASP Case study

“Digitell’s presentation stood out with respect to customer service. While others were touting all the bells and whistles, they demonstrated knowledge about who our members are and their degree of tech savvy. Another appealing factor – Digitell is not the ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to this space. They’ve been doing this for a long time and that was very reassuring for us.”

Kathleen Minke, Executive Director

“Digitell had more experience and they knew what they were doing. They were also adept at
working with many different speakers and managing live and pre-recorded content.”

Glenn M. Reighart, Director, Meetings & Conventions

“By virtue of moving through this repeatedly, Digitell put a strong framework in place that we
could build on. Their experience and guidance were their biggest strengths.”

Earl Fenwick, Jr., Webmaster

What Are Your Attendees Saying About
Your Virtual Events?

Our clients’ attendees say, “possibly best conference ever” and “this conference has been amazing!”


Want to know how to execute an engaging, interactive and seamless virtual experience for your attendees? Speak with one of our virtual and hybrid experts today to learn more.

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“This is one of the best platforms out of all the virtual conferences I have been to!”

“I’m impressed with Digitell as I have had no technical issues and it is easy to navigate.”

“I’ve REALLY enjoyed the virtual format better than I expected. I have been wanting to attend this conference for a decade and so glad I was able to this year.”