Add Value to Your Attendees with Conference Recordings

Today’s conferences are packed with information vital to the attendees job.  With multiple concurrent at many conferences, most attendees only experience 10% – 25% of the education, leaving the conference missing more education than they took in.  In addition, after 3 or 4 days of non-stop education, attendees’ brains begin to shut down and they stop learning half way through.

These are the reasons why it is important to provide your attendees with the conference recordings, so they can get the full educational value of the conference.  Having the ability to review sessions they attended and listen to sessions they were unable to attend will extend the life of the meeting for each attendee and increase the value of the conference to them, resulting in a great probability of returning in future years.

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conference content

Provide Education to Non-Attendees

Being able to share the access with other colleagues also adds value for the attendee and introduces other professionals to your organization and the quality of your content, resulting in additional new members and possible new attendees for future meetings.

Having the content available for sale to those not attending, not only provides a source of revenue, but, allows you to reach and educate a wider audience of professionals.

Leverage Content for 365 Engagement

Providing access to the recorded sessions gives your attendees the ability to go back and access that content all year long, reinforcing the value of the education, the benefits of being a member of your organization and the ROI of attending your meeting.


Generate Revenue

Through the sale of content by session or by package, you can generate additional revenue from capturing your content that can well exceed the costs.  Once you have the content, monetizing it by re-broadcasting sessions or creating a virtual event will further help you drive revenue and engage your audience.

Build an Online Community

Today’s meeting Planners know that the world is changing and opportunities go way beyond just a physical audience.  There is great importance to build an online community of people who will never attend physically and prefer to access education and engage online.  This community will supplement your physical community, and must be kept engaged through online education.  Capturing your sessions will allow you to have content to deliver to your online audience in an on-demand format as well as a live re-broadcasted format.  Therefore, the decision whether to capture your content or not, could be vital to the growth of your organization.

VGA Capture Provides an Exact Recording of the Presentation

Digitell can capture the session in a synchronized audio and PowerPoint or Keynote format where the presentation is captured by VGA or HDMI.  This means we capture the presentation exactly as presented, including animations, embedded video, mouse movements, etc.

Archive your Content in a Branded Library, with our Award-Winning Platform

The Digitell Platform will provide organizations with advanced marketing and content distribution functionality that will clearly increase the revenues that an organizations is presently receiving from their educational content. The Digitell Platform is a co-managed platform allowing organizations administrators to have the ability to manage 98% of their content archives, courses, and marketing strategies. The Digitell Platform is built utilizing current internet protocols and standards, allowing the experience to be responsive and mobile ready.