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Success Spotlight with IFM on Live Streaming

Success Spotlight with IFM on Live Streaming

Have you considered live streaming your organization’s meeting? Britta Newell, CMP, conference planner for The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM,) explains their initial approach to digital strategy and how live streaming was gradually integrated into their annual meetings. Live streaming is now an option for all IFM events based on what works best for the learning and lifestyle of its members. With virtual attendance averaging 450 people per meeting since 2018!

Content Strategy and Management with CFMA

Content Strategy and Management with CFMA

The leaders at Construction Financial Management Association leveraged their content to increase the value proposition for membership by offering free webinars. This quality content also encouraged new membership to a worldwide audience. From that success they have grown their strategies in content creation to meet the needs of their members by focusing on delivering quality content. The validation to this strategy has been steady membership growth as well as an increase in conference attendance year after year. Knowing their audience and listening to feedback is crucial to success.

PCMA Demonstrates the Value of Rebroadcasting

PCMA Demonstrates the Value of Rebroadcasting

In June, 2018, PCMA, a leader in delivering digital events, hosted a rebroadcast of several sessions from their annual conference. With New Orleans & Company and the New Orleans Convention Center sponsoring the event, PCMA was able to offer it for free, resulting in 500 total registrants! To deliver this online event, PCMA turned to their online platform partner, Digitell. Digitell’s team simply added the selected sessions to their OPUS Live Platform and on the day of the event, the Digitell team handled the rebroadcast, complete with event producers and technical support.

Sugath Karunaratne Testimonial - Making A Difference

Live Streaming – Not Just for Annual Meetings Anymore

Once associations have success live streaming their Annual Meeting, they usually start to live stream other events with success and continue to engage members and reach new audiences.

One great example of that is NACHC, the National Association of Community Health Centers, who have been live streaming their three major conferences for the past 2 years with great success. In early 2019, they live streamed their first small workshop which provided their community with highly-specialized training and educational credits.


MPI Drives 200 New Members with Global Meetings Industry Day World Tour

Every association is looking for ways to boost their membership. While there are many effective tactics to do this, one method that recently proved its merit beyond doubt is hosting an engaging online event. After its Global Meetings Industry Day, a worldwide meeting that had presenters from several continents and attendees from even more, MPI saw new memberships from over 200 people. And, looking at the event, it’s not hard to see why.

Talk show

NSA Engages Virtual Audience With a Live Talk Show

The National Speakers Association (NSA) was looking for a way to engage their virtual audience in between the live broadcast of their sessions. Strategizing with Digitell, their live streaming company, they came up with the concept of running a talk show, complete with professional hosts and a suite of guests. Throughout the three days of the conference, their hosts, Eliz Greene and Tom Singer interviewed speakers, attendees and staff and delivered a whole other level of education and entertainment to the virtual audience. The reviews and comments were amazing and it was a huge success.

Webinar with 2-speakers

DEI Upgrades Webinar Program to Video for Added Engagement

The Digital Experience Institute (DEI), a division of PCMA, was interested in enhancing their traditional PowerPoint and audio Webinars with a video component, to make the Webcasts more engaging for the user. DEI worked with Digitell to deliver a video Webcast in 2 different formats. The first Webcast was completely pre-recorded, except for the Q&A period at the end which was conducted live. All the virtual attendees watched the recorded speakers through Digitell’s OPUS Platform and then participated in a live Q&A. For the second Webcast, the entire Webcast was delivered live through Digitell’s OPUS DX Platform which was also followed up by a live Q&A.

Multiple Speaker Video Webcast

RSNA Delivers Pre-Recorded On-Demand Video Webcasts

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) wanted to produce a monthly On-Demand Webcast for its members updating them on the latest issues in Radiology. They had a desire to bring together various speakers from around the globe to participate in this global event and wanted a video component to enrich the experience. Digitell pre-recorded the speakers and produced the event in less than 2 days. The Session was then added to their On-Demand Library for viewing by their membership.

Remote Speaker Presentations

WOCN Enhances Meeting With Remote Speakers

WOCN had several speakers from around the world that they wished to stream into their Keynote Session. Utilizing Digitell’s Live Event Center to collaborate and coordinate these speakers from Australia, England and the USA, WOCN was able to provide on-site attendees and a virtual audience the ability to gain insight into these professionals’ experience and knowledge. Digitell facilitated the rehearsals, coordinated the on-site Live Stream and captured the conference sessions to provide all attendees FREE ACCESS.

conference live stream player

AICPA’s Successful Live Streaming Journey From 1 Concurrent to the Entire Meeting

In 2009 AICPA was looking to Live Stream their SEC conference from Las Vegas and turned to their trusted conference-capture partner, Digitell, Inc. In less than 2 weeks, Digitell developed the platform needed to accommodate their needs and their Live Streaming journey began. Now, in 2015, AICPA Live Streams over 25 conferences a year and educates thousands of CPA’s on the latest techniques within their respective vertical markets. It has been said throughout the conference industry by many respected professionals that AICPA runs the most successful hybrid event series hands down. Congratulations AICPA and thank you for trusting the execution of your Hybrid Events to Digitell, Inc.

conference live stream

Contemporary Forums Drives Unprecedented On-Demand Revenue

For over 28 years, Contemporary Forums has contracted with Digitell to capture, archive and host their educational content from 12-15 of their meetings annually. In 2013, Contemporary Forums was the first client to implement Digitell’s new responsive archiving platform that includes features built to allow organizations to drive more revenue from their archived content. Now, 3 years later, Contemporary Forums drives monthly revenues through coupons, refer a friend programs, group sales and more.

RSNA event

RSNA Delivers 90,000 Additional CME by Live Streaming to an International Audience

RSNA turned to Digitell when looking to extend their conference and provide an alternative way for doctors from around the world to gain access to their conference sessions. Starting out the first year with Live Streaming 12 sessions, the response quickly demonstrated that their members wanted more. Now in their 3rd year, RSNA live streams 60 sessions a year and reaches over 7,000 doctors from 72 countries and issued over 90,000 CME’s.

Encoding the live stream video

Thrivent Live Streams National Sales Meeting to Those Unable to Attend

Thrivent Financial was looking to deliver their sales education to a wider audience of just their meeting attendees. Thrivent called upon Digitell to live stream their National Sales Meeting. The Hybrid National Sales Meeting was intended to educate and inspire the financial representatives to have a strong end of the year and quick start to the new calendar year. In comparing production between face to face and virtual attendees, Thrivent discovered that virtual attendees increased their production more than twice that of the face to face audience. In addition, Thrivent found that 16% (or 52 people) of the virtual attendees who had not attended in person previously, chose to attend in person the next year. Given historically flat attendance, this was a significant result for our organization.

WOCN Expands Educational Offering Free to Attendees at No Cost to WOCN

Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCNS) Expands Educational Offering Free to Attendees at No Cost to WOCNS

The Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) was looking for a way to pay for their content capture expenses and provide their attendees with a better post-conference educational experience. They had previously sold access to the content to the attendees, but sales had been diminishing. So, based upon Digitell’s suggestion, they got a Sponsor for a program called Free Access, where all the attendees have to go to the Sponsor’s Booth to get a Free Access Pass and get access to all the recorded sessions for free. Hollister jumped at the opportunity to Sponsor Free Access and has been the exclusive sponsor of this program for the past 4 years. Hollister has significantly increased their booth traffic and their ROI from the conference, even with the added cost. WOCN has successfully found a way to get all their sessions captured for Free, provided an added value for all the attendees who now get access to the content to share with their peers, and Hollister has benefited from the added exposure, leads, business and goodwill generated from being the sponsor. A win-win all the way around.

Syndicast Webinar solution

Practice Greenhealth Enhances Sponsorship Offering With Syndicast

Practice Greenhealth (PGH) was looking for a way to increase their Sponsorship Revenue from their exhibitors. They had 3 levels of sponsorships, $5,000, $15,000 and $25,000. They were unsuccessful at attracting $25,000 sponsorships. Digitell suggested applying their new Syndicast technology to their $25,000 level, which would provide the $25,000 Sponsor with the ability to host their Conference Live Stream in their own private, branded player, so they could share with employees, customers and prospects unable to attend the conference. In 8 weeks, PGH was able to secure 8 companies to move up to the $25,000 level, generating an additional $80,000 in revenue and completely paying for the cost of session capture, live streaming and CE. PGH saw similar results for the following year as well.

DEI Improves Their Online Offering with DES Course

With online learning becoming standard practice for many organizations, Digital Experience Institute (DEI) understands the importance of offering their educational content online as well. Taking their Digital Event Strategist program and converting it to an online platform was their goal, and they selected Digitell to be the company to execute this program. After the first event series, DEI reached out to Digitell to request a full partnership and to have the ability to deliver all of their online events through Digitell’s OPUS DX 365 and Live Platforms.

flight delays

Digitell Saves the AST Conference With Remote Speaker Technology

The American Society of Transplantation had a serious problem on their hands when over a half dozen of their speakers got stranded at the airport due to an east coast snow storm and were unable to make their sessions in Phoenix, AZ. In a state of panic over what to do, AST called on their recording company, Digitell, to help with a solution. Due to their experience in live streaming, they were able to come up with a solution and the Digitell team sprang into action. Utilizing their remote speaker technology, Digitell was able to stream all presenters into the meeting from the airport or their hotel rooms, allowing them the ability to deliver their audio and slide presentations remotely to the physical audience at their regularly scheduled time, allowing the meeting to go on as planned.

A.S.P.E.N. live stream

A.S.P.E.N. Reaches New Audience By Live Streaming Their Conference

The American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) was looking to deliver their education to a wider audience of just their meeting attendees. A.S.P.E.N. called upon Digitell to assist them in developing a strategy that included live stream, re-broadcasts and On-Demand distribution to help them extend the reach of their education.

on-line education

AMDA Utilizes Webinars to Take Their On-Line Education to a New Level

The American Medical Director’s Association (AMDA) was looking to step up their on-line educational offering by starting a monthly Webinar program. With the assistance of the Digitell team, AMDA developed a monthly program using both existing and new content. By delivering a consistent program, AMDA was able to significantly increase their attendance and engage more of their Members.