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New Product Launches

Live Streaming your New Product launch allows you to introduce your product to ALL of customers, dealers, and vendors in a single day, versus weeks or months. Therefore, saving you tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus going to market significantly faster. Whether you are launching New Products or have a need to demo your product in an interactive live environment like at a trade show, Digitell’s platform is ideal for this application. Live demonstrations allow you to engage your end user and get immediate feedback , providing you with the necessary information you need to know in order to see whether you have hit the target or not.  Live Streaming your new product launches allows you to reach a larger audience which will have a positive impact on your overall marketing effort and the success of your new product or service.

Training Events

Digitell has the perfect platform for training staff around the country, or throughout the world. Whether you are looking to train sales staff, dealerships, and distributors or just deliver a message to your employees, Digitell provides a branded, flexible, engaging platform to handle your needs.  Live Streaming to remote locations can be a huge cost saver over travel expenses and allow the end user to learn in their own environment.

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User Group ConferenceUser Group Conferences

Let Digitell help you expand your user group conferences to a larger audience of those unable to attend.   Reach a greater community, impact more users, and generate more revenue by Live Streaming your conference.  Digitell can handle all aspects of servicing your virtual community so you can continue to focus on your physical attendee and making your conference the best it can be.  Your success is based upon training as many users as possible, not just those that can attend physically.  Most companies can send only one or two people to a conference, but, have many more back at their facility who need the training.  Enhance your revenue with group pricing options that combine physical and virtual attendance.

 Franchisee ConferenceFranchisee Conferences

Now you can reach all your Franchisees and their staff through Live Streaming your conference or event.  Cost effectively, get your training message to everyone that needs to hear it.  Your success is based upon improving the knowledge and skills of your Franchisee, so let Digitell help you deliver that message in a way that will positively impact your organization the most.  Live Streaming, virtual programs and archiving will also provide you the flexibility to communicate your message more frequently for new franchisees and new hires, resulting in a stronger performance from your Franchisee and more success for your organization.

Franchisee ConferenceAnnual Meetings

Capture and Live Stream your annual meeting to retain the education you spent hours preparing, and reach those unable to attend your event.  By extending your Annual Meeting to a virtual audience, you will be able to engage and reach more than those who are able to attend physically.  Capturing and Archiving your education allows for repetitive learning which increases the performance and effectiveness of all employees.

sales trainingSales Meetings

Digitell’s platform is ideal for Live Streaming your Sales Meeting to those unable to attend.  Capture your presentations for re-enforcement and training for future hires.  Don’t let your vital messages go to waste or be heard, then forgotten.  Archive your Sales Meeting so your sales staff can review over and over again.  Don’t make new hires wait until next year’s Meeting to hear your motivational messages.  Capturing and Streaming your Sales Meeting will result in better trained sales staff and more sales.

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Webinar Services

If you are unhappy with the commercial Webinar platforms most commonly used and are in need of a platform that is customizable, comes with personal service and professional expertise in helping you run engaging Webinars, then you need a platform and a company like Digitell.  We can offer you a complete solution or integrate with your systems for the perfect Webinar experience.  Our system requires NO DOWNLOAD, is completely brandable and customizable, is easy to use for non-technical users and has all the engagement tools you need for a rich user experience.

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Exhibitor Sponsorships

Digitell offers a variety of ways to enhance your exhibit experience and help you utilize the conference education to drive attendees to your booth, reach additional potential buyers virtually, drive traffic to your web site post conference and provide a tool to help your sales staff engage with more potential customers, Live.  Education is a powerful marketing tool that is currently being under utilized by the exhibitor community.  Digitell has the experience and the platforms in place to help you leverage the conference education for an increased ROI for the meetings you exhibit at.  Literally, increase your booth traffic by 4 to 10X, increase your leads and sales with people that would have never come to your booth. Qualify attendees as they log into your website to access the conference content, and provide your sales staff with quality leads and capture more leads by reaching out to a virtual community of buyers unable to make the show.  The opportunities are endless and only Digitell can help you leverage the content the best.

sponsorship exibitorSponsor Free Access

By sponsoring Free Access to the Education for all attendees, where attendees need to go to the exhibitor’s booth in order to get an access code, you can drive traffic to the exhibit hall and specifically to those booths of the companies that have participated in the sponsorship. Each sponsoring company will see an increase in traffic from anywhere from 3 to 10 times their previous experience, so this is ideal for exhibitors looking for ways of building booth traffic.

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Host a Live Stream of the Education on Your Web Site

Digitell can provide you the opportunity to allow your exhibitors to host the live stream on their web site, in a privately branded player, to share with their employees, customers or prospects. Using your content, exhibitors can effectively build relationships with their customers and prospects or educate and train their employees. Exhibitors are ripe for new ways of engaging their community.

Syndicast Webinar solution

Live SteamSponsor Re-Broadcasts and Virtual Events

Offer your exhibitors the opportunity to Sponsor a Re-Broadcast of one of your sessions that was recorded at your conference. The Re-Broadcast would be a Live Webinar where attendees could network, chat and ask questions. Add a complete evaluation CE accreditation and digital course system to the Webinar for added value to attendees. Invite the speaker back or use a moderator for Q&A.

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