WOCN wanted to turn their conference into a Hybrid Event so they could deliver the education to those unable to attend the conference, but did not have the budget to pay for it.

Digitell offered a business model that allowed an exhibitor to sponsor the Live Stream. The exhibitor received brand advertising on all event pages, promotion prior to and during the event in all marketing and reminder emails, and was able to play promotional videos in between the Live Sessions to a captive virtual audience. All virtual attendee contact data was provided to the Sponsor as possible leads.

An average of 150 people attended each session virtually. WOCN reached out and provided a valuable service to their membership unable to attend the conference. WOCN received promotional exposure to additional attendees who are candidates to attend next year’s conference in-person. The Sponsor received additional exposure to a broader audience than just the physical attendees. The Sponsor received additional leads as a result of their Sponsorship of the Live Stream. As a result of pioneering new technology, WOCN was viewed, and praised, by their members as a very forward thinking organization.

The sponsor loved this opportunity because they were able to reach attendees who were unable to attend the conference. So many of our virtual attendees commented on what a wonderful benefit this was. Here are two examples:

“I couldn’t go to the conference but this was the 2nd best thing.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to view the lecture at no cost. This was a blessing. This was a wonderful opportunity to lean and practice in the conference, for those of us with limited resources. Thank you very much!”

Debi Maines
Director of Conferences