In today’s world, gaming is everywhere and is one of the most powerful tools to engage your community. Now gaming is playing an important role in engaging conference attendees, especially virtual attendees. In response, Digitell has now added a gamification engagement module to their OPUS DX platform allowing for Badges and Leaderboards.

game leaderboardOne of Digitell’s clients was the first to try the new module and the response was phenomenal. The response from the client was, “I have to say, the Achievement Badges and Leaderboard feature that Digitell developed far exceeded my goals and expectations. It’s awesome!”

Through this new OPUS DX Live Streaming Feature, you can create badges for various achievements, like live-chatting, updating your profile, attending sessions, participating in social media, taking evaluations and more. For this client, Digitell created 12 Achievement Badges. Each badge has a specific point value associated with it based upon the task accomplished. The person with the most points will earn a free registration ($1,500 value) to next year’s conference.

Over 500 virtual attendees participated in the achievement badges adding to the excitement and engagement level of the virtual audience. By the third day of the conference almost half the attendees had acquired 5 or more badges.

“Earning badges and creating a leaderboard is becoming a popular activity to create more engagement among associations’ virtual audiences,” says Brian Zambotti, Director of Client Development for Digitell. “I have had numerous requests for this by several of our clients who live stream their meetings, so I am expecting this to be a popular module.”


  • It evokes friendly competition.
  • It provides attendees with a sense of achievement.
  • It provides an entertaining and engaging learner experience.
  • It gives instant feedback and recognition.
  • It incentivizes competition with rewards such as free conference access or gift cards.
  • Badges can be customized for the live event.
game achievement badges

To learn more about adding Badges and Leaderboards to your next Live Stream, contact Digitell at or call 800-679-3646.