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“In the near future, organizations that DO NOT stream their events are no longer a strategic front runner. Information is our greatest resource and having the ability to distribute that message is critical to our success. If we didn’t live stream we would lose tens of thousands of opportunities each year to reach out to our most valued customers.”

“Live streaming has also elevated our reputation as a solid organization. The Digitell player’s ability to be customized to meet our brand standards seamlessly disseminates our message to who we most want to hear it. High quality performance coupled with an uncompromised visual image translates to a clear extension of our brand.”

Steph Pfeilsticker, CMP, CMM, DES, MBA
Virtual Event Strategist


Thrivent Financial wanted to extend their message beyond the walls of their physical meeting to reach financial representatives who were unable to attend.


Thrivent chose Digitell, Inc., a digital media company with extensive experience in the meetings and conference industry, to help them solve this problem. Digitell created the following opportunities for Thrivent:

  • Digitell developed a registration page for Thrivent to use to market their event.
  • Digitell provided the on-site crew to capture and live stream their event.
  • Digitell suported the Live Streaming component with pre-event consulting and live user tech support.
  • Digitell Live Streamed Sessions to Virtual Audience using their fully customizable player and cloud infrastructure.


Our Hybrid National Sales Meeting was intended to educate and inspire our financial representatives to have a strong end of the year and quick start to the new calendar year. In comparing production between face to face and virtual attendees, we discovered that virtual attendees increased their production more than twice that of the face to face audience. Without a digital reach, we would not have reached these attendees. Additionally, we found that 16% (or 52 people) of the virtual attendees who had not attended in person previously, chose to attend in person the next year. Given historically flat attendance, this was a significant result for our organization.

Virtual Attendees Doubled the Sales of Face-to-Face Attendees
16% of Virtual Attendees Attended the Physical Meeting the Following Year
Thrivent Engages 25,000+ Employees and Members from Virtual Events