AICPA runs 60 conferences, workshops and schools to educate the financial marketplace. In an ever growing digital world, and with the ongoing difficulties of many professionals to travel to conferences, how do they capitalize on using technology to deliver their education to a broader audience.

AICPA chose Digitell, Inc., a digital media company with extensive experience in the meetings and conference industry, to help them solve this problem. Digitell created the following opportunities for AICPA:

  • Digitell developed a Digital Library to archive, host, stream and deliver their education On-Demand.

  • Digitell automated their CPE process both live on-site and post-conference.

  • Digitell created a Digital Directory of vendors and exhibitors to drive more exposure and increase their ROI

  • Digitell Live Streamed Sessions from their conferences to a virtual audience

  • Digitell re-broadcasted their recorded sessions as a live Webinar for several months post-conference.

An Average Increase of $25,000/meeting Year on Year Online Attendance growth of 184% Engagement of Dormant Members Expo sure of Conference Product Line to a Larger Audience.