“Digitell employees, Rocky and Brenden saved the day!”
– Tina C. Squillante, CMP
AST Director of Meetings & Events

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flights cancelledProblem:
During the time of AST’s CEOT conference in Arizona, a major winter storm impacted travel on the East Coast. The storm stranded several conference attendees and presenters alike. Conference organizers scrambled to deal with the issue, and were approached by Digitell employees on-site about any possible solutions. Team members suggested live streaming all of the sessions for absent attendees, and “remoting in” presenters.

Because of the fast action of on-site staff and team members in Digitell’s main office, AST was able to have 5 presenters who were unable to attend give their lectures remotely through a system created by Digitell. All 5 presenters were able to give their lectures live, as well as answer questions from attendees on-site.

AST was thrilled with the way the situation was handled, and praised Digitell for all of their hard work and ingenuity.