Engagement is the key to all successful learning programs and certainly the hardest one to measure when you deliver an online event.  Digitell’s new Engagement Measurement tool, available in the OPUS DX Live Platform, allows you to track the engagement of your virtual attendees, both on an individual level and for the entire event! Every action your attendees take online contributes to your events overall engagement score. By measuring the participants chat, polling, alertness checks, assessment and more you can be certain that your users are being engaged!

Site-wide Engagement Report

site wide engagment report

Event Engagement Report

event engagement report

Integrated API Reports

Google Analytics

Report on the value you bring to your members

Our managed webinar service will take your webinars and training events to a whole new level of professionalism and engagement.

By measuring the level of your user’s engagement across all KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), you will be sure that your investments are being properly allocated. OPUS DX includes complete CME tracking and transcript management, along with extensive real-time reporting and live event technical support.