Is Your Event Content Strategy Built to Last?

Education and networking are the top two reasons why most people attend professional conferences and trade shows.

That’s been the case for decades, long before this pandemic hit.

Yet in 2020, many organizations were forced to quickly pivot from physical to online events. Sadly, many had to navigate this challenge when resources, time and budget dollars were in short supply. Many organizations panicked.

That was not the case for organizations utilizing Digitell’s content strategies. Those organizations had a decided edge in the race to embrace digital, as they had been building a revenue stream from an online audience for years.

Organizations will need to continue to engage their online audiences with top quality content throughout the year,” says Jim Parker, CEO of Digitell, Inc. “Our company offers numerous content delivery strategies that allow organizations to grow online engagement and revenue generation easily. Digitell has been doing this for years and we have a proven methodology that can be tailored to each organization’s specific needs and aspirations.

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While other organizations are still adapting and learning, Digitell clients are also in a much strong-er position to leverage past wins to advance their lead even further, especially around revenue generation.

Our OPUS DX platform provides so many ways for clients to drive revenues that it’s easy to create a profitable program,” Parker says. “Digitell’s fully back-end manageable and customizable platform includes content marketing features, like session credits, coupons, microsites and more. An organization’s ability to engage their members all year long and grow year over year is probably the most exciting outcome that the OPUS platform enables.

Looking Ahead: Attendee Virtual and Hybrid Event Expectations Will Soar

In 2020, your event audience was a bit more forgiving about the online experiences you were offering, but that’s no longer the case in 2021.

Their digital experience palettes have grown more sophisticated. In 2021, their online experience expectations will run substantially higher. Will you be ready to deliver?

And hybrid? That’s the biggest game of all where the stakes run high, but rewards run even higher. As you strive for the perfect mix of live and online, it’s crucial that you have an experienced trusted advisor who can help you advance faster.

Digitell is well poised to be that trusted advisor, helping your organization to capture (and keep) a much larger portion of the online content market. We’ve helped organizations develop online programs for years and in many cases, the revenues from online attendees exceeded the revenues from physical attendees.

For the past ten years, we’ve been live streaming a track or two for many of our clients, while recording all other sessions. This has allowed us to carefully scale an online product for the least amount of investment and maximum revenue impact,” Parker says. “Strategies like this are important considerations as clients balance the budget ramifications of putting on a hybrid event. It’s worth noting that better than eighty percent of our clients are profitable in their first year.

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