Did you know your content is more valuable today than ever? It’s time to let your content work for you. The cost of recording your meeting should be considered an investment not a cost! Recorded sessions are a powerful tool for your organization to stay relevant to your community year-round, as well as drive more revenue and engagement.

It’s no longer just about providing those sessions to those who couldn’t make it: it’s about utilizing that content to create live online events and a digital library of education that continues to grow as well as drive growth.

Here are some proven ways of generating revenue using your captured content:

  • Create a virtual meeting and engage with non attendees
  • Capture conference content and sell OnDemand access to those that could not attend
  • Look for Free Access Sponsors from your exhibitors who are interested in driving traffic to their booth and making a long-term connection with your attendees
  • Create Content specific rebroadcasts and/or “Best of” live events using your sessions to engage with your audience live
  • Offer discounts and promotions on your OnDemand content to drive revenue and exposure
  • Create packages and sell access to specialty content

While not all of these will work for your industry, it only takes one or two to drive significant revenue, exposure and engagement with your members and non members.

Recording your sessions is the first step in engaging an online audience. Delivering your content digitally will be crucial in attracting future members and positioning your Association for growth over the next 10 years.

Create revenue around your conference content