You know your content is valuable, and you would love to archive the sessions for those that could not make your meeting, but, the costs are holding you back? You don’t have a budget for that.

The good news, is there are numerous methods that allow you to capture your content and generate enough revenue to cover the costs, and in many cases, exceed the costs. Imagine if your content could actually be a money maker?

Here are some proven ways of generating revenue to cover the capture costs:

  • Sell the recordings to your attendees and those that could not attend
  • Sell group purchases to facilities or larger organizations in need of multiple access
  • Look for Free Access Sponsors from your exhibitors who are interested in driving traffic to their booth and making a long-term connection with your attendees
  • Sell blocks of session credits to your exhibitors to hand out to their community
  • Re-broadcast your sessions and generate revenue by attendees or Sponsors
  • Offer discounts and promotions on your recordings to drive revenue
  • Sell sessions to exhibitors to host on their web site

While not all of these will work for your industry, it only takes one or two to be successful to drive enough revenue to pay for the cost of capturing your content.

Capturing your content is an essential component of your conference and something that every Association needs to be doing. Delivering your content digitally will be crucial in attracting the Millennial Generation and positioning your Association for growth over the next 10 years.

So don’t let the lack of budget get in your way from capturing your content, turn to the content experts and call Digitell at 800-679-3646

7 Ways Digitell Helps You Pay for the Cost of Capturing Your Content