Innovative Leaders

Digitell, Inc. has been acquired by BroadcastMed. BroadcastMed is a data-driven intelligence company that produces, promotes, and distributes groundbreaking content to inspire audiences. BroadcastMed’s proprietary AI-driven data yields unrivaled insights into the digital behavior of viewership to maximize returns on content and event production.

BroadcastMed was seeking a partner that shared its culture and would support our strategic and technological initiatives. This partnership will also allow us to continue the tradition we have for excellent client service and exceptional event execution.

For decades, both BroadcastMed and Digitell have had a deep focus on the success of their clients and have strived to develop a team of professionals rich in culture and client care. Our combination of industry leaders creates a new organization better able to serve our clients and compete in a quickly growing digital space.

Our experience with the delivery of content to remote attendees spans over a decade, making us the leader in the virtual events industry. We use our own proprietary platform to design, build and deliver thousands of virtual and hybrid events, webinars and on-demand educational sessions. The Digitell platform is a robust, customizable platform designed to meet the needs of association, corporate, government and for-profit event organizers. While the Digitell platform is considered best-in-class, we believe it is the skills, expertise and customer service approach by our team that sets us apart.

Our Mission

It is our mission to educate the world. We partner with our clients by leveraging their event content, their most valuable asset, to help attendees across the globe realize their goal of life-long learning.