Digitell Makes Online Events Easier

Digitell has been an innovative leader in the delivery of digital events, both hybrid and virtual, for the past 14 years. With over 5,000 events executed, Digitell’s team has gained the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver near flawless engaging events every time.

By combining our best-in-class Event Management Platform with our full-service event production team, running online events with Digitell is just easier. Our teams will have your attendees raving about the success of your next event. Whether you are looking to execute one event or create a year-round content strategy, Digitell has a solution that will meet your organizations needs.

The Digitell Difference

Digitell continues to receive overwelmingly positive feedback from organizers, attendees, speakers, and exhibitors for the events that we execute and we believe that feedback can be attributed to what we call The Digitell Difference:

  • Digitell’s experienced project management and production team members, committed to client success through flawless execution

  • An easy-to-use and engaging platform for attendees

  • A dynamic, robust event management system to market and maintain an organization’s educational content

Award Winning Platform

Our award winning platform, OPUS DX, designs, builds and delivers thousands of virtual and hybrid events, webinars and on-demand educational sessions. OPUS DX is a robust, customizable platform designed to meet the needs of association, corporate, government and for-profit event organizers.


Digitell’s experienced team has guided clients into creating successful programs that include:

  • Proven revenue driving models

  • Memorable & engaging user experiences

  • Year-round learning communities 

OPUS-DX virtual event platform

Digitell was named Best Hybrid Event Platform/Production Over 1,000 Attendees at the 2021 Event Tech Live Awards

Digitell Has a Solution for Every Event Strategy

We recognize there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter event. This is why at Digitell, we have developed A Solution for Every Event Strategy. Our experienced hybrid and virtual event team will work with you to produce your event and seamlessly connect your global audience to our engaging customizable platform. User-friendly and scalable, our platform creates an unparalleled experience for your audience every time.

  • Hybrid Events 

  • Virtual Events

  • Webinars

  • Conference Recordings/Content Capture

Execute an engaging, interactive and seamless virtual experience by partnering with Digitell’s award winning platform and production team today.

“This is one of the best platforms out of all the virtual conferences I have been to!”

“I’m impressed with Digitell as I have had no technical issues and it is easy to navigate.”

“I’ve REALLY enjoyed the virtual format better than I expected. I have been wanting to attend this conference for a decade and so glad I was able to this year.”