BroadcastMed’s Acquisition of Digitell will bring Innovative Technologies

Both BroadcastMed and Digitell have decades-long track records for constantly innovating and creating best-in-class, client-centric solutions while striving to develop a team of professionals rich in culture and client care. Both companies share very similar DNA. Our primary goals for 2022 are to broaden solutions offered to our client base and broaden our audience to include more healthcare professionals beyond physicians. BroadcastMed’s acquisition of Digitell will bring innovative technologies for hosting virtual and hybrid events and provide you with new cutting-edge solutions in event curation and exhibition.

Award Winning Platform

Our award winning platform designs, builds and delivers thousands of virtual and hybrid events, webinars and on-demand educational sessions. The Digitell platform is a robust, customizable platform designed to meet the needs of association, corporate, government and for-profit event organizers.


Our experienced team has guided clients into creating successful programs that include:

  • Proven revenue driving models

  • Memorable & engaging user experiences

  • Year-round learning communities 

A Solution for Every Event Strategy

We recognize there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter event. This is why we have developed A Solution for Every Event Strategy. Our experienced hybrid and virtual event team will work with you to produce your event and seamlessly connect your global audience to our engaging customizable platform. User-friendly and scalable, our platform creates an unparalleled experience for your audience every time.

  • Hybrid Events 

  • Virtual Events

  • Webinars

  • Conference Recordings/Content Capture

“This is one of the best platforms out of all the virtual conferences I have been to!”

“I’m impressed with Digitell as I have had no technical issues and it is easy to navigate.”

“I’ve REALLY enjoyed the virtual format better than I expected. I have been wanting to attend this conference for a decade and so glad I was able to this year.”